Newhall, California Mobile Auto Detailing

Why Hire a Mobile Detail Company in Newhall, CA?

Located on the southend of Santa Clarita Valley, Newhall offers many amenities as you will later learn. Though historic, modern Newhall residents still travel the 5 Freeway to get to work and other appointments all throughout Southern California. 

Having a comfortable means of transportation is what our mobile detail company is all about.  Our car wash, wax, polish and detail services are available for every Newhall and Santa Clarita resident.  It’s all sunny Southern California, right? You can be sure you will receive the V.I.P car wash treatment with our mobile detail services.

With our affordable car wash packages, you will get service that will be top – notch.  Having knowledge about paint finishes, interior finishes, car cleaning products and waxes, our technicians will have you well informed and feeling secure in leaving your vehicle in their hands for a timely and pristine car wash service.

No need to worry about swirls in your shiny paint finish.  Our cleaning methods are experienced.  We treat each vehicle like royalty.  Our professional and up to date equipment ensures top of the line cleaning and waxing so that your car, whether a classic or personal vehicle is left looking like new.

The interior of your vehicle is just as important as the outside of your vehicle.  We get down to the very fabric fibers so that odors, stains and debris is extracted, cleaned and removed.

​With our non- toxic products, you won’t have to wonder if you’ll feel the unhealthy effects of harsh perfumes and residue. Our cleaning process encourages the longevity of your interior as well as the exterior.

So what are you waiting for? Why not use the best mobile detail in Santa Clarita? 

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Types of Newhall, CA Mobile Detail Packages Offered:

Mobile Auto Wash Packages:

  • Includes Hand Wash and Dry
  • Cleaning Interior Windows and Vehicle Interior & Vacuum
  • Assess for Interior and Exterior Stains and Spots
  • Wipe Down of all doors and handles interior and exterior
  • Tire and Rim Shining

Mobile Auto Wax Packages:

  • Mobile Auto Wash Package
  • High Quality Clay Bar Wax, Buff and Polish
  • Assess for Interior and Exterior Stains and Spots
  • Asses any Exterior Stains or Spots
  • Tire and Rim Shining 


Mobile Auto Detail Packages:

  • Mobile Auto Wash Package
  • Interior Cleaning, Detail and Vacuum
  • Assess any Interior and Exterior Stain and Spots
  • Tire and Rim​ Shining
  • Spot Free Shine

Mobile Auto Commercial Vehicle Packages:

  • Includes Mobile Auto Wash Packages
  • Includes Auto Detail Packages if needed
  • Assess and Interior Stain and Spots
  • ​Tire and Rim Shining
  • Spot Free Shine


A Bit of History about Newhall, California

The names Arthur B. Perkins,Albert Swall and Henry Clay Needham may not ring a bell unless you have studied the history of Newhall, CA and the 1886 beginning of the railroad that stretched from Santa Clarita to Ventura.  

The railroad is still used today from Soledad Canyon Road in Santa Clarita to downtown Newhall and stretches to various parts of Los Angeles, California.

The city of Newhall’s success doesn’t stop at the Railroad, but includes brilliant decision making to a then 49 year old venture capitalist, Henry Mayo Newhall. 

Part of Henry Mayo Newhall’s 143,000 acres,  the city of Newhall proudly holds his name.  A very shrewd businessman, Mr. Newhall was successful along with the support of his five sons, in sustaining this community for many residents to enjoy and call home till this day.

Newhall, CA is one of the oldest cities of the Santa Clarita, California. Nestled on the southern part of Santa Clarita Valley, this city has many Old West treasures that many Southern California residents appreciate.  

​Still displaying some of it’s old western heritage, Newhall also sports an eclectic array of dining, entertainment and shopping. 

Old Town Farmers Market is the place to be on your crisp California Saturday morning.  Opening at 8:30am on the corner of Railroad Ave and Lyon’s Ave, California residents come no matter the weather to peruse the vendors tents for trinkets, food and collectibles. 

Being the Old West, Santa Clarita residents should never miss the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival situated right in downtown Newhall. Attracting over 10,000 visitors, this spring event has a lot to offer to all who appreciate the yearly event that celebrates the California Old West. 

Downtown Newhall also host amazing nightlife attractions, from the outdoor gallery expeditions of Art SLAM from March thru October too JAM Sessions that draws thousands to the array of musical talent.

Never underestimate the qualities of a historic city.  Did you think you’d get this amazing information from any auto detailing company?

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