Mobile Auto Detail Facts, Questions and Answers

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Mobile Auto Detail FAQ's:

  • ​Why choose SVC Mobile Detail?

We are a local Santa Clarita company that services all of Santa Clarita and surrounding cities.  We are professional hard working company that does what they claim and gives all clients the professional treatment they deserve.  We are knowledgeable and keep up to date with the latest car finishes, products and equipment to make our job more effective and high end. We love Southern California and have made this wonderful state our home. 

  • Where do we clean vehicles?

Since we are mobile auto detailing service, we will come where your car or truck is located.  It doesn’t matter where you are located.  We can come to your.  We just ask that you make you’re your vehicle is parked free from any hanging tree branches, or parked cars or anything that would limit our access to your vehicle.  Our detailing vehicles are equipped with a full system that will give your car or truck the full service treatment.

  • ​Is there a difference between detailing and car washing?

Detailing provides more hands on cleaning. Having your car washed will maintain the over all cleanliness of your vehicle.  It removes the debris and grime for a fresher and cleaner car.  Car washing also will lengthen the life of your vehicles exterior.  Natural chemicals from the environment can wear down the finish of your vehicle if left for long periods of time.  So regularly keeping your car washed will prevent deterioration of your finish.
Detailing will guarantee the life of your paint and finish, which helps maintain the overall value of your vehicle.  With the environmental ailments that your car or truck encounters on a daily basis, these natural chemical compounds can become harmful to your paint finish, leaving it looking worn and depleted. Detailing can leave microscopic wax particles that give your vehicle a deep shine and protects the paint finish. Detailing is a wise investment.

  • How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

This all depends how often your vehicle is in use and where you take your vehicle on a daily basis.  Also, if you are preparing to sell your vehicle first impressions are always important. Having your vehicle regularly detailed will keep your paint job lasting longer and your extending the life of your interior.

  • ​Why choose a mobile detail versus a corner car wash?

We have two words for you: Convenience and Quality.  Having a mobile auto detail service should not be looked at as a luxury.  This service is just as cost effective as going to have your vehicle cleaned and detailed at a local corner car wash.  The benefit of using our mobile auto detailing service is that we come to your location.  We don’t use recycled dirty wash water like the big car washed use. This water has tiny particles that will cause swirling in your cars clear coat and will eventually dull the finish. Our cleaning and detailing processes are world class and you car will show it. You could be at home, at the office it really doesn’t matter.  

  • What is a clear coat?

This is a coating that protects the paint of your vehicle.  It is a layered coat that consists of a base coat and a topcoat.  A base coat is applied to the color, whereas the topcoat is applied over the top of the base coat to give more depth and vibrancy and protection.   A clear coat should be regularly maintained and should be viewed as permanent barrier.  Clear coats wear down due to the environment and needs to be properly maintained through regular cleaning and waxing.

  • What is paint sealant?

This is a chemical bond that gives protection to the finish of your vehicle, giving that new car appearance. It holds the shines and can last up to a year, which is why synthetic sealants are commonly used. Synthetic sealants are more durable but are not natural.  With thousands of synthetic particles and compounds, this combination will give tough bond and shell to your vehicle’s paint.  Lasting 4 to 6 months you’ll have lasting protection coupled with the carnauba will give you the stacking of protection and glossy shine.

  • What are the benefits of waxing my car?

Waxing your vehicles is for the protection of your vehicle’s finish.
Choosing a company that uses the best waxing products and techniques will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is well taken care of. Carnauba wax is produced by a Brazilian tree and is a product of choice by car collectors and enthusiast. Giving the protection from the UV rays, heat moisture, oxidation and environmental contamination. Every 6 to 8 weeks you would need to schedule a wax service to ensure more durability.

  • What does polishing do for my car?

Polishing your vehicle is giving your vehicle that glossy shine you want.  Making your car look like new with a luster finish, polishing your vehicle will give that depth your car is looking for.  With the various weather and environmental elements would indicate how often you would have your vehicle polished. 

  • What is clay bar process?

This special process is used to easily capture embedded contaminants from you painted surface.  Capturing these contaminants will allow us to wash and detail the exterior of your car properly and well.  We take pride in our car wash and detailing process with the best methods out there.  This is a great way to prep your car before waxing and polishing.

  • What are swirl marks?

This is microscopic scratches on the top finish of your paint.  It creates a rainbow effect, something caused by a wrong buffer pad, wax or polish.  Drive thru automatic car washes can also cause this, hence why we suggest a hand wash. Clean buffer pads should always be used along with highly recommended waxes and polishes. Having a professional Mobile Detailing company such as our Santa Clarita Mobile Detailing Company will ensure proper application for the right results.

  • What is buffing?

Also know as paint correction, buffing is the process of polishing the finish of your vehicle.  Buffing will remove imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches oxidation, paint overspray and most surface damage.  Other names for buffing are polishing.  This is not a quick shine, but a detailed process that improves the overall look of  your car or truck.

  • What is oxidation?

This is when the pigment and or clear coat of your paint finish becomes dull and faded.  The sun along with the natural elements such as oxygen, have the ability to chemically react and damage the natural radiance of your car’s paint finish.  Having a buffing service performed on your vehicle will bring back that luster and maintain its structure. Using waxes and sealants will protect against oxidation and prolong the new car look.

  • Is it safe to take my car to a drive thru car wash?

Absolutely! Preferred drive thru car washes would be soft touch.  This will prevent scratches or swirl marks from appearing on your vehicle.  But to receive a great wash and finish without potential watermarks and damage, we recommend trying our mobile detail care wash service.  We come to you.

  • Should I have my car detailing in the winter or during the rainy season?

Yes! Most definitely!  The winter months along with the rainy season is prime opportunity for environmental contaminants that can wreak havoc on your vehicle.  The natural chemicals contain acids and particles that can cause damage on your vehicle if left for long periods of time.


  • What California Cities do you cover?

We focus primarily in Santa Clarita but also offer mobile detail services to the following Southern California Cities:

  • Castaic
  • Sylmar
  • Canoga Park
  • Val Verde
  • Forest Park
  • North hills
  • Granada Hills
  • West Hills
  • Reseda
  • Van Nuys
  • North Hollywood
  • Do you detail and clean luxury vehicles?

Yes we do! We take special and attentive care to all our customer vehicles but especially luxury vehicles.  High cars are a specialty and deserve experienced technicians to maintain the luster and elite style your luxury vehicle deserves. 

  • Do bird droppings and bugs ruin a paint job?

Yes absolutely!  Being naturally acidic, the elements from this type of debris can eat away and through the clear coat of your vehicle and eventually the paint.  If left for periods of time, detailing can only do so much.  It is best to clean this type of debris ASAP.  This is especially true with tree sap of any kind. 

  • Do you have Mobile Detail and Car Wash Packages available?

Yes we do just check any of our service pages to view our packages, along with specified city pages.  We aim to satisfy all of our customers, so if you have a question regarding a specific service that you didn’t see mentions feel free to contact us.

  • I’ve just purchased a new car, so I don’t need to detail/clean it, do I?

Actually, it’s just the contrary.
First of all, just because the car coming out of the factory floor has been cleaned, it doesn’t mean that it came out flawless. Often times, the cleaning personnel miss small spots or imperfections in the coating or paint, and roll it out anyway.
Secondly, when the car arrives at the dealership, it is not uncommon that they use inexperienced employees to wash a new car, perhaps leaving scratches or swirls on the paint.
If you order a car from out of state or country, your new car has quite a journey to make, constantly being beat with exposure along the way. This will result in a premature decaying of the protective coat applied to the car, requiring you to wax your car anyway.
It is always a safe practice to detail and/or clean your car as soon as you get it, to avoid any of the situations as mentioned above.

  • What is the difference between polishing and waxing?

Waxing (although adding a clean look to your car) is primarily used as an extra protective layer to your car, protecting the paint underneath.
Glossing, on the other hand, is used purely for boosting your car’s appearance, giving it that shiny, almost wet-looking finish.

  • Detailing? Washing? What’s the difference?

Washing is simply removing the dirt, grime and stains that are on the upper surface of the car (the junk that hasn’t stuck or stained your car). This could simply be you, your car and the garden hose, giving it a good ‘shower,’ and drying off the water with an old beach towel before the water dries.
Detailing, on the other hand, is a more extensive cleaning, cleaning junk that has penetrated your car’s protective wax layer.

  • How do I know when to detail my car?

The simplest way to check if your car is in need of a proper detailing is by rubbing your hand across the surface of your car. If it feels rather rough and uneven, then you know your car needs a proper detailing, an extensive cleaning.

  • Is it really necessary to wax my car?

Although it is not an immediate priority, it is recommended to get your car waxed. Not only does it improve the appearance of your car, making it look newer and shinier, but it also adds an extra protective layer to the car, protecting the paint from scratches.
Since the 1980’s, car manufacturers have been applying thin coats of protective material to the surfaces of cars that just came off the production line, to conceal the paint against the natural elements, ranging anything from UV radiation from the sun to bird droppings. Although these may leave a noticeable physical effect on the car (especially that of bird droppings), the coat prevents it from staining the paint itself, which makes it possible to simply wash off the stains on your car. However, exposure will eventually take its toll on the factory’s coat leaving your car increasingly vulnerable to the elements, as well as decrease the car’s overall appearance.
Applying wax to your car replenishes this layer that had corroded over time, at least temporarily (as in, the next few months) until the next time you wax your car.


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