Mobile Automotive Wax Buffing and Coating Services

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Wax Service Guarantee:

All of our wax services include an exterior wash of your vehicle, boat or recreational vehicle.  With our professional staff and professional quality products, you will have a streak free, swirl free finish.  We aim to satisfy our Customers. You are deserving of our full service.  With our Mobile Detail Company you will get nothing less than top quality.

  • Clay Bar:  This process removes oxidation and micro particles embedded in the paint.  Removing these impurities brings the paint surface of your vehicle back to a like new sheen. Having a regularly scheduled wax treatment on your vehicle is a great way to keep your car looking new all year long in sunny Southern California.
  • Buffing – We can use hand or machine buffers and polishing compounds to gently remove the swirls and small scratches caused by washing and drying with dirty water with sand or road grit. We can make the paint look like new and can also add poly coatings or wax to help protect and preserve the paint surface.
  • Swirl Free Polish: All the effort to get a perfect shine out of your paint does not need to be ruined by remnants of swirls.  Our experienced crew will use our professional cleaning system so as that is not the case.  You vehicle will be left spotless and ready to be admired.
  • Poly Coatings – We can apply different poly coatings to help protect you vehicle surfaces from damaging UV rays from the sun as well as road grime and grit.
  • Boat Wax:  This service will include an exterior wash and all exterior surface wax including the hull of your boat.  Your boat will shine clean on the water.  This wax service can be done either by hand or machine.  
  • RV / Travel Trailer Wax:  Keeping up with the exterior of your RV, Travel Trailer or Motor Home will help maintain longevity, but also help keep the resale value.  Our Wax and Wash Services will have a sunny smile on your face, seeing how reasonable our prices are.  

What is the purpose of waxing your vehicle?

Wax and synthetic sealants adds protection to your painted surface and helps to retain its longevity. You want the right company waxing your vehicle, so as to prevent swirls.  

Swirls – Swirls are those markings you see when viewing the paint at an angle where the light reflects to show the micro scratches in the painted surface. Swirls are often caused by debris and small particles left in the towels and sponges or water used to clean and scrub the car or vehicle paint. These particles are scraped against the paint during the wash and drying process creating the swirls in the paint.

We can eliminate these swirls with our manual or machine buffing processes along with the right polishing compounds to make the surface glow again.

Making it a routine to wax or seal your vehicle after a wash and it will maintain it’s luster and brilliance.  When you see your car after we leave you will say to yourself it looks new again. Our Mobile Detailing Company provides a variety of Wax Services to fit your vehicle’s needs.

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